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  • We provide Aluminum Anodes for protection of subsea pipelines

  • Anodes for protection of Semi Submersibles

    We do have capable and competent Facility. We have conviction and dedication to serve you to your entire satisfaction.
  • We are master in wires

    High carbon Wires, Umbrella Rib, Black / Binding Wire, Redrawing Wires, Stay / Stranded Wire, Galvanize Barbed Wires

Welcome to Our Company

Nilambur Barter is recognized and a born leader in Ferrous and non Ferrous Industry: manufacturing the highest quality ferrous product like MS Steel wire, MS Fabricated Product and Non Ferrous productline: Aluminum, Zinc Sacrificial Anodes; over the years of tried and true exposures thru inneumerable satisfied customers / accomplishment of projects globally.

Nilambur Barter is accredited with ISO 9001:2015. In conjunction with lofty credentials and professional approach. Nilambur Barter is a brand to reckon with.

Nilambur Barter is enormous and innovative manufacturer to cater Oil & Gas, Marine, Power segments with our proven proprietary & authentic production technology and matchless strata.

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